25 November 2008

Québecois, te souviens-tu?

It’s about time: a part of Québec finally gets it. The mayor of the Québec city of Saguenay, Jean Tremblay gets it. With the rise of secularism, the Culture of Death has been inculcated in the people of Québec and Canada. Québec is about 95% Catholic and has forgotten its roots. Suicide (self/life-hatred), abortion (child-hatred), and sexual perversion (God-hatred) have gutted the perpetuation of Québec (Catholic) culture (Ma grande-grande-grande mère était québecoise). It’s not just about keeping the French language vibrant. Stand up and pray that The Blossoming of Canada will start with Catholic Québec. Amen. (Most of the links above came from

UPDATE (1-7-09):
This is a very good analysis of this song and the culture of Québec.

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