02 October 2008

IVF is Immoral

In-vitro fertilization, or IVF is gravely immoral for at least six reasons:
  1. One or more human zygotes are created that may be destroyed later for research or to create additional space for newly created human zygotes;
  2. A human is created unnaturally and not in a marital embrace;
  3. Sperm is collected by degrading means, degrading for the man and for those involved in the porn industry;
  4. An objectified surrogate mother may be used that is not the actual mother of the newly created human;
  5. One must pay money to create and implant a human zygote into a woman;
  6. A human child that is up for adoption looses their chance to be placed into a foster or adopted family’s home.
I look forward to the day when a human zygote legally becomes part of the human family and is not manipulated, created, or destroyed as a piece of property by morally bankrupt means. Yes, I hope IVF one day becomes illegal.

Update (1-23-2009):
For some more information about the unethical nature of IVF see this: "Couples Tempted by IVF Face a Number of Moral Dilemmas" by Kate Bluet

A sampling from Ms. Bluet:
Since abortion was legalized, the number of babies put up for adoption has plummeted. Would-be adoptive parents far outnumber the babies who need a home. The control of childbearing has resulted in a dearth of children. Infertile couples who want children must therefore choose between long waiting lists and assisted reproduction.
Of course, it’s possible for a multiple pregnancy to be reduced, and the procedure is fairly common. After all, goes the logic, better to lose two babies in utero than lose all four at birth. Doctors can determine the position of all the fetuses by using ultrasound. They will then test those fetuses that are easiest to reach for abnormalities. And if all the fetuses are equally healthy and get-at-able, the doctors will ask the parents which gender they would prefer to keep.
Luckily for us, we’re not the ones who have to find out; that’s left to the babies being born in greater and greater numbers who will have to struggle with questions of genetic identity, with siblings lost in utero, and with the fact that half of their genes were shopped for and purchased by credit card.

Talk about sick!

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