04 October 2008

Contraception Causes Market Instability

“Are you serious? You think that “Contraception [Caused this] Market Instability”?” You’ll see by the end of my argument.

Way back in 1919, all major Christian denominations viewed contraception as evil. Then in 1920, the Church of England allowed (said it was moral for) married couples to use them, and then eventually all Christian denominations except the Catholic Church allowed them to be used by all.

The daughters of contraception are abortion, pornography and prostitution, same-sex “marriage”, spousal abuse, divorce, extreme selfishness, and all things that lead to the objectification or dehumanization of the human person (IVF, sperm banks, surrogates, genocide, etc). Through the widespread use of contraception, the actual statistical frequency and severity of all its daughters have increased.

Especially to the (usually masculine) rich, if their spouse was being objectified in the use of contraception, why not objectify and exploit the workers for all they’re worth. Eventually, many employees were loosing their jobs and their pensions to workers overseas.

The workers, who also used contraception because they thought they couldn’t afford children, instead spent the saved money on themselves and their pets. Their debt grew larger and larger.

Eventually, all the money being passed back and forth was credit because the greedy employers wouldn’t hire fellow citizens and the poorer citizens spent beyond their means. The employer couldn’t pay back the bank since no one was buying his goods.

By the way, people would buy their homes with no money down, beyond their means, and essentially sub-prime, interest-only loans.

By all the increased selfishness caused by contraception, the market was heavily burdened by heavy credit debt. Without the banks able to solidly secure debt, the global economy suffers with instability.

Can I prove that my thesis is true about the connection with contraception? No. I just wanted a forum to introduce the idea that contraception is the root of its daughters listed above.

What do you think? (Be nice now.)

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