01 September 2008

Paradoxical Truth

For me, one of the proofs for the Truths of Christianity is its paradoxical nature. What I mean is that what seems to be apparent is actually not true. For example, in order to gain happiness for ourselves, we must deliver happiness to others and deny ourselves. If we try to make ourselves happy by indulging ourselves, we can never grasp happiness. It is only in giving that we receive. In order to live, we must die, etc.

This makes most sense to me for two reasons. Since no one had fully known the truth about God, the origin of our happiness, until the revelation and incarnation of Christ, paradoxes must have existed that keep humanity from the full Truth. Buddha said that escaping from physical reality was necessary to reach nirvana, but he was not correct. We must be redeemed in our bodies to be connected to the Communion of Saints at the resurrection.

Second, intellectuals have a great difficulty in grasping the Truth of the gospel because of their logical hang-ups. Why would someone become lowly to be exalted? It is the unwanted and destitute that see the illogicalness of life and embrace the paradoxical Truth of the Gospel for hope.

“He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts.”

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