12 September 2008

By It’s Fruit

The abortion and gay issues may be coming to a head. They first have to hit rock bottom before the Truth comes around and exposes the falsehoods. After sin is exposed to the light, it can be purged.

I think with the candid admissions below, it’s the time in history when respective policies may turn around in democratic or semi-democratic countries. My wife is not too sure. She thinks the worst is yet to come. We’ll see.

The admissions come from Camille Paglia and Simon Fanshawe, respectively. (See

The woman who is pro-abortion as a choice (PAAAC) is an atheist and libertarian who admits that “Abortion is Murder” but is nonetheless justified. “I believe that government must stay completely out of the sphere of personal choice. Every individual has an absolute right to control his or her body.” She says later that “[abortion] results in the annihilation of concrete individuals and not just clumps of insensate tissue.” This clearly contradicts her position: since each individual has a right to control his or her own body, or to have life, the ”concrete individual” must be free to live.

The man who is gay says that the "Gay Lifestyle a 'Sewer' of Casual Degrading Sex, Drug Abuse and Misery”. In other words, the gay lifestyle makes human persons into animals: it degrades their human dignity in a truly concrete way. I would argue even “sexually committed gay relationships” do this since they contain the same humanly degrading sex as those that are not committed.

From the two people, I see that the fruit of both positions is death: infanticide (actually it’s back now in, of course, the Netherlands) and the annihilation of society into the ways of the sexually active gay person (by having no children and being self-destructive and degrading) are only a step away.

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