18 September 2008

Abortion for Capital

It just struck me today that abortion has a stake in the economy of the world just as slavery was part of it, especially of the US South before the civil war. The South went to war for succession from the union, but for what reason? History tells us that a slave was worth everything for the South and that if that body was lost or turned free, the South’s wealth would be lost. Lives were being used as labor and as a capital good in multiple industries by almost everyone.

The same goes for abortion today.

  • Abortion mills such as Planned Parenthood provide abortions and contraception that fails in order to create the “need” for abortion. (not to mention lobbies for sex-ed that leads to more abortions)
  • Aborted fetuses are sold to pharmaceuticals and biological industries for vaccines (including MMR), drugs (including “The Pill” and other abortifacient), and bio-products' creation and testing. (big, big bucks folks)
  • Abortion providers, pharmaceuticals, and biological industries give politicians lots of money.
  • The abortion topic helps political candidates win political offices (goes for both sides).
  • Men want abortion to keep them from becoming fathers and loosing money towards child support.

No wonder Democrats like Senators Ted Kennedy (D) and Joe Biden (D) switched their view on the topic. (Yes, they used to be pro-life, or OTAAAC.)

Today we don’t have borders to differentiate the sides. It takes a culture war to fight and outlaw abortion as slavery was in the Constitution (Amendments 13-15).

Do I want a zygote to be protected by the Constitution? You bet. Yes, it will also outlaw in-vitro implantation (IVF), test-tube babies, and “The pill” (etc.). It’s what is right, just as outlawing slavery was.

Abortion will continue but so has slavery. Outlawing abortion -- as slavery has been -- is the right thing to do for justice for all.

We all have a right to life from the moment we come into existence as a zygote.

That's why I can be called a zygote emeritus. You and I were once zygotes; we are now people who can read.

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