07 August 2008

So Mature.

What is maturity? My Mom defined it as being able to talk about things besides yourself. A VERY popular definition is that one must be sexy or open to casual or premarital sex (de facto marriage). I think how one defines maturity determines an adult’s attitude and, therefore, actions. Changes in societies' view of maturity change the very landscape of that society since adults act from their view of what society defines as mature behavior.

Remember Debbie Gibson (of the ‘80/90’s)? As a girl and early adolescent, she dressed and carried herself in a respectable manner. When she became older, or, grew up, she dressed and performed more “maturely”. Why must this maturity include an increase in one's 'sex factor'?

It begs to question, how do I define maturity, and, therefore, believe what society should view as mature? Maturity is NOT becoming sexed up. It's a change in attitude wherein one simply takes responsibility for themselves and comes to a realization that they need to respect themselves and their neighbor's freedom, or, better yet, to love their neighbor. An outward sex appeal should not define one's maturity. In actuality, it shows that they are really not so mature.

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