12 July 2008

What's the Future of the American Dream?

I posted the following on Bill Moyer's Journal blog here. I know it's a little idealistic, but what the hey. Keep in mind the thought is mostly for the masses who do not blog as often as us. Also, I tried not to add that there are many obstacles that stand in the way of the view below. What do you think of the idea?

In order to achieve the American Dream, Americans must have the attitude of the immigrant. The American dream of most second, third, etc. generations of Americans is to do as little work as possible to gain the most benefits. Most immigrants know they must work and pray hard for a better life.

Old Americans must get off their bottoms and work for a better tomorrow. Most Americans talk about doing or wanting work, but work we must do; most work is honorable and imparts dignity.

What is the work that we must do? First, American’s must get beyond their fear of looking stupid due to ignorance. Read, talk to people, and read some more. Without knowledge of the problems, Americans can’t solve them. Second, Americans must work hard at what ever they do to gain a good reputation and see the inequities in the living wage. Third, Americans must talk and gain a relationship with their political representatives, especially if they’re corporate junkies.

If enough Americans start on the path above, the people will regain *their* respect of the government and begin to sway the politicians. Without the politicians seeing the caring and interest of the American people, they will flock to the lobbyists who really care about themselves.

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