01 April 2008

Practical Atheist Violence

The talk between Desists/Theists and the Militant Atheists usually comes down to what group carried out more violence. Numbers, time periods, and severity stats are given.

However, I wonder if the group of Practical Atheists should be included in the list. Sometimes when we sin, we act as if God did not exist (rather then for temporary convenience, pride, etc.). In reality, this group would include all of us at some point in our lives, Atheist or not.

It’s easy and constructive to group people into camps: Atheist, Christian, Muslim, etc. However, what if the groups overlap. In this case, Practical Atheists include the Religious and Atheist groups.

How much violence has occurred by Practical Atheists? How about closet Atheists/closet Religious? Which groups would carry out more violence?

I think by far, Practical Atheists (at the time of perpetration) and closet Atheists do more violence, or even crime than all the other groups combined.

Is this a cop-out for the Theists? No. What I think is that when Theists are following their religion, the number of crimes committed by them is less than the crimes committed by all the other groups (even after subtracting the so-called fundamentalist offenders).

The other question is how often do Theists become Practical Atheists that commit crimes? I suspect that it’s less frequent than the times that Atheists and closet Atheists commit them.

What do you think?

(Note to Atheists and Practical Atheists alike: please be civil in answering the question. If there are any (civil) questions about this request, please ask via comment to this post.)

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