29 March 2008

Will the Democrats Ever Really Get It Right?

I recently found out that it was the Democratic Party around the American Civil War that was the party of pro-slavery (How is it that most Blacks are now Democrat?). Now it’s the party platform that abortion should be legal. When will history see the Democratic Party get it right on life issues? First, blacks were not considered a human person and then were considered 2/3 of a person (as a compromise) at a critical time in American history. Now, the human offspring of a man and a woman may not be counted among the human race that is to be protected from murder.

I think in about 65-75 years from now (2008), (note: 1860’s to 1960’s bridged 100 years as 1970’s to 2070’s is about 65-76 years from now and a total of about 100 years), the years of abortion on-demand will be seen as a bleak period of human history. Therefore, in relation to both the black and pre-born human person populations, the Democratic Party will be seen as the Pestilent Party that didn’t get it right on either issue.

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  1. Yay for you, you're my first comment :) Thanks.
    You may be sorry to read this, but I'm an atheist and I don't understand half the words in your blog.
    I just felt like I had to say it because that's basically what your blog's about -I think, but I can't be sure because I don't understand it-.
    Oh well.

    But really, thanks for commenting, I see your point. But I think I'll just wait for the moment and the person, either if it's until marriage or if it isn't.

    And of course there are good guys out there, never said there weren't.


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