27 March 2008

What is Freedom?

I used to think that freedom was defined as the ability to choose to what or whom one would desire to be a slave. Some choose to serve their desire for money, women, or fancy cars. Others choose to serve God. But after someone I know (say, Adam) left his wife and shacked up with another woman all in the name of freedom, I came to rethink my definition.

My new definition is that freedom is the ability to do what is right. It came out that Adam desired “freedom” above all else. It came before his family, his integrity, and his soul. Like others I know or have heard about, he just left his wife and his legitimate family for a woman that wasn’t his wife (and moved in with her). He said that he needed to be free, to do what he wanted because it would make him happy.

But was it right? In the wake of Adam’s decision, his children are confused and his wife is betrayed. His children will have a warped idea about what love and freedom means. They will grow up with the idea that as long as some thing or action makes you happy, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. Also, love is now for them something of a commodity. The cycle of self-centeredness and misery will probably continue with the next generation through the example of their father.

If Adam viewed freedom as the ability to do what is right in the first place, he might not have enticed the other woman toward the relationship they have now. His idea of freedom, the idea that he can do whatever he wants as long as it makes him happy further degrades the moral fiber of the our country and world.

This general view of freedom is destroying our country. Fathers, especially of African decent statistically, are leaving their families for their reasons. This is not freedom; it is false freedom. It is not right to for a man to leave his wife and kids for his own selfish ambitions. Therefore, he is a slave to his desires when he leaves. Fathers need to be the men they vowed to be and stay with their wives and children.

I will probably get the response that in some circumstances, men need to leave their families. Yes, this is true due to abuse, etc, but in those cases, they need to be removed for the good of the family. They shouldn’t be abusing anyone else either.

Another point is that men need to marry women before they have intercourse with them. In other words, men should use their freedom to enter into a relationship under the right terms. Men should court woman in an honorable manner and then marry her if an honorable desire presents itself.

We need to build up our culture from its current state of disrepair. It starts with the family. If the families of our culture remain strong and intact through true freedom, our country and world will be a much better place.

I pray that God will give us strength on our journey.

Update: Since I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago (just didn’t post it), the scandals with the State Governors came out. They’re just another example of the need for true freedom in this world so that we can all live honorable and just lives.

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