21 February 2008

Links to Gutterball Master's Posts at Ales Rarus

I am a guest blogger at Ales Rarus. I think it's a good idea to link my past articles on this blog.

Here they are (there may be more, I just couldn't find them.):

About me page (non-article)
"This Saying is Hard"
Reflections on a Homosexual Bible Study (Part I-IV)
Reflection on Gonzales v. Carhart (the recent Ruling on the Partial Birth Abortion Ban)
A Humble Example (added 23 February 2008 to this link list)
Chastity Lifestyle Education (added 15 April 2008 to this link list)
Electronic Leash For Children?
An Electronic Leash for Sex Offenders
Wicca Broadcasting
CBS Smites Joan

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