16 January 2014

Coexist Bumper Sticker Part I

You've probably seen this coexist bumper sticker:

I always wonder if this is a two part question:
  1. Is it possible that people who believe this can live side-by-side?
  2. Is it possible that these beliefs can coexist together?
Well, the first is possible since it is happening now in America. So what? This doesn't seem to be the main point of the sticker.

The second, seems to be the argument made by the sticker. However, it doesn't make sense. Either, Jesus ...
  1. Never died but was assumed into heaven as God's Prophet (as a trick);
  2. Died at the hands of Israel's enemy, Rome, as a false prophet, or blasphemer for calling himself the Son of God;
  3. Was always/before time part of the Trinity as the Second person therewith, was incarnated, and rose after dying on a Cross.
The last three fundamentals can't coexist.

Now, I've seen this pro-life coexist bumper sticker from ...

The question here is, "Can a mother and child really coexist together, the later one inside the former?"

No matter what religion one follows, it seems to be yes in all, the fe/male child is already coexisting in his/her mother.


  1. One ironic detail from the tragic series of events surrounding last April's Boston Marathon bombing: the car the bombers hijacked while trying to escape had a "co-exist" bumper sticker. You can only co-exist with those who are willing to do the same . . .We ourselves have a pro-life variant similar to the one you show above on our car.

    God Bless,
    James Milliken

  2. It doesn't really surprise me that the bomber had a coexist sticker on his car. He probably takes his cue from Lucifer admirer Saul Alinsky who was all about embracing contradictions to get to the goal of whatever radical thing was desired. I believe Alinsky had a whole chapter on contradictions in his book Rules for Radicals.


    Could you put in a separate comment the URL from where you bought/received your pro-life coexist bumper sticker? Thank you.


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