28 June 2012

The Tale of Two Mandates

The Tale of Two Mandates

It was the best of intentions; it was the worst of intentions. The Obama horse was welcomed as a gift by many of the country’s inhabitants as a gift of reconciliation. Those who took him in were not ready for what lay inside the belly of the beast.
There were the wise who knew the history of repercussions of such a gift, but they were powerless to stop the momentum of the mass of mischief that lurched inside the walls of power.

A strange odor came from the beast as it entered the walled city, but the inhabitants naively assumed it followed in from the dank wood. For the enemy first desired to unleash a full frontal attack, but a slower, ranker deception was more likely to succeed. It was decided to let the little secret be hidden within the exterior of the beast of burden.

As the citizens of the castle pondered what could be inside the gift, they would have to wait to see what was really in it.

In the middle of the night, the moon glistened with a hollow hope that all was well. However suddenly, panels of the horse flew off and immediately flattened those who happened to be passing near the horse.

Then the men, so many angry men leapt out of the horse that a swarm of furious bees would be less densely packed and seem so humbly demure.

In what seemed to be an instant, the fortress was taken over by the red ones.

But to this day, the remaining remnants of the old city wait upon the day when their savior will come again.


I meant the above allegory to come out differently, but it didn’t quite turn out that way. I’ll address the two mandates (HHS & individual mandates) directly another day soon.

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