06 June 2011

"The Life Zone" response from Justice for All

I sent the following email regarding the new "horror" movie "The Life Zone".


Do you have anything to do with [the new] "Justice for All Media"'s new "Horror" Movie, "The Life Zone"? You might want to make a press release about this.


The response was the following.

Negative, we are not the "Justice For All" that created the movie or the trailer. Our approach (see our website at is quite a bit different than what appears to be the message in the trailer. What's your view of the trailer/movie?

David Lee
Executive Director, Justice For All

"Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who does nothing because he can only do a little." -- Edmund Burke

I think the movie's premise is a flawed view of the pro-life side. We are not about kidnapping women with child against their will (like the kidnapped person in the famous violinist scenario by J. J. Thomson). I'm all about getting all (legal and non-legal) baby killers out of business and informing women that abortion is a natural crime against them and their preborn boy or girl.

If there were no abortionists, this movie/trailer would not make any sense. If abortion was illegal, the abortionist, to whom the depicted pregnant mothers went, would be in jail or in custody. Kidnapping random pregnant women is also wrong.

What do you think?

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