22 December 2008

Abortion of Jesus?

Last Sunday in the RCC, we read the gospel about the annunciation to the BVM by Gabriel (about Jesus' incarnation). In his homily, my Pastor, who has said more and more things about controversial topics, said that the conception and birth of Jesus through Mary was the basis of the pro-life position (OTAAAC).

I also noted in the “Libertarians for Life” library here the quote below from “Fr. Frank Pavone, Founding Director of Priests for Life”. (It's also interesting to note how the Atheist founder of “Libertarians for Life” became OTAAAC.)

Fr. Pavone: "Yes. The key document, of course, is Pope John Paul II's encyclical The Gospel of Life. One of the specifically religious arguments against abortion found there is from the Incarnation. God, in other words, became human in Christ, and thereby united every human life -- including life in the womb -- to Himself. The Pope therefore concludes that to attack a single human life is, in some way, to attack God Himself.

"The impact this has on the conclusion that abortion is wrong is simply that for believers it gives another motive for the conclusion, and strengthens their awareness that they cannot be `pro-choice believers.' At the same time, as you know, the Catholic Church holds that one can come to the conclusion that abortion is wrong without having any faith at all."

May the most venerable in our midst, including the poor, disillusioned, lonely, brokenhearted, and preborn be given the Hope of the newborn Christ through his Church and His Holy Mother, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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