14 November 2008

Prop. 8 Comment

I wrote the following at Ales Rarus today:

This quote is telling from regarding the legal issue of CA:

[Pacific Justice Institute president Brad Dacus] believes the ongoing vandalism and protests against Prop. 8 will backfire. He noted, "Californians are among the most tolerant people in the world. They are also not stupid, and they deliberately rejected forced acceptance of gay marriage, while leaving in place domestic partnerships and a host of other special rights based for homosexuals."

The "marriage" definition question of Prop 8 is just a revision (under CA law). There are many "domestic partnerships" laws in place. The definition of marriage is only a revision since the "rights", ie money matters, of "domestic partnerships" are in place in CA.

This whole debate is about whether CA legitimizes same-sex "marriage". (I think it should not for these reasons.) Further, it is not a debate whether law enforcement officers should go around arresting those in "domestic partnerships".

When you get down to it, what's the uproar really about? A very important word: marriage.

I watched part of the interview with M. Ethridge (sp) and her "partner" on Oprah today. They were sitting on a couch as a "married couple". What will they get if Prop. 8 is struck down? They will get no more money or property rights. They will get legitimacy for their relationship as a "married couple".

The voters of CA spoke with their vote: they do not legitimize their relationship as such.

(Of course this is only about CA. It's not my state, but it is a State issue.)


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